Daftar Judul Episode One Piece - English Version

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Morgan Arc 
Episode 001: "I'm Luffy! The Man Who Will Become Pirate King!"
Episode 002: "The Great Swordsman Appears! Pirate Hunter Roronoa Zoro!"
Episode 003: Morgan Vs. Luffy! Who is This Beautiful Young Girl?"

Buggy Arc
Episode 004: "Luffy's Past! Red-Haired Shanks Appears!"
Episode 005: "Fear, Mysterious Power! Pirate Clown Captain Buggy!"
Episode 006: "Desperate Situation! Beast Tamer Mohji Vs. Luffy!"
Episode 007: "Grand Duel! Zoro the Swordsman Vs. Cabaji the Acrobat!"
Episode 008: "Who Will Win? Showdown Between the True Powers of the Devil!"

Kuro Arc
Episode 009: "Honorable Liar? Captain Usopp!"
Episode 010: "The World's Strongest Weirdo! Django the Hypnotist!"
Episode 011: "Revealing the Conspiracy! The Pirate Caretaker, Captain Kuro!"
Episode 012: "Battle! The Black Cat Pirate Crew, Battle on the Slope!"
Episode 013: "The Terrifying Duo! Nyaban Brothers Vs. Zoro!"
Episode 014: "Luffy's Revival! Kaya's Life and Death Confrontation!"
Episode 015: "Defeat Kuro! Usopp's Tear-Filled Determination!"
Episode 016: "Protect Kaya! Usopp Pirate Gang Takes Action!"
Episode 017: "Completely Infuriated! Kuro Vs. Luffy, Final Battle!"
Episode 018: "You are a Special Animal! Gaimon and his Wonderful Friends!"

Baratie Arc
Episode 019: "The Past of the Three Swords! The Promise Between Zoro and Kuina!"
Episode 020: "The Famous Cook! Sanji of the Floating Restaurant!"
Episode 021: "An Unexpected Guest! Sanji's Food and Gin's Grace!"
Episode 022: "The Greatest Pirate Fleet! Captain Don Krieg!"
Episode 023: "Protect Baratie! The Great Pirate, Zeff the Red Leg!"
Episode 024: "Hawk Eyes Mihawk! Swordsman Zoro Falls into the Sea!"
Episode 025: "The Emerge of the Super Kicking Skill! Sanji Vs. The Impregnable Pearl!"
Episode 026: "Zeff and Sanji's Dream! The Sea of Dreams - All Blue!"
Episode 027: "The Coldhearted Devil-Man, Gin, the Pirate Fleet Battle Commander!"
Episode 028: "I won't Die! Conclusion: Luffy Vs. Krieg!"
Episode 029: "Outcome of a Deadly Battle! The Spear Inside!"
Episode 030: "Departure! Sea Chef and Luffy Travel Together!"
Episode 031: "The Most Wicked Man of the East Blue, Arlong of the Mermen Crew!"
Episode 032: "The Witch of Cocoyashi Village, Arlong's Femal Officer!"
Episode 033: "Usopp's Death!? Luffy - Yet to Land?"
Episode 034: "Reunited! Usopp Tells Nami's True Story!"
Episode 035: "The Hidden Past! Femal Fighter Belle'mere!"
Episode 036: "Survive! The Mother Belle'mere and Nami's Family!"
Episode 037: "Luffy Stands Up! End of a Broken Promise!"
Episode 038: "Luffy in Trouble! Mermen Vs. Luffy Pirates!"
Episode 039: "Luffy Drowning! Zoro Vs. Octopus Hatchan!"
Episode 040: "Proud, Tall Warriors! Clash - Sanji and Usopp!"
Episode 041: "Luffy's Best! Nami's Courage and the Straw Hat!"
Episode 042: "Bursting Out! Merman Arlong, Fearsome Attack from the Sea!"
Episode 043: "The End of t he Merman Empire! Nami is my Comrade!"
Episode 044: "Setting off with a Smile! Farewell my Hometown, Cocoyashi Village!"
Episode 045: "Bounty! Straw Hat Luffy Becomes World Famous!"

Buggy Side Story
Episode 046: "Following the Straw Hat! Little Buggy's Big Adventure!"
Episode 047: "You've Been Waiting For It! The Return of Captain Buggy!"

Loguetown Arc
Episode 048: "The Town of the Beginning and the End - Arrival at Loguetown!"
Episode 049: "Sandai Kitetsu and Yabushiri! Zoro's New Swords, and the Female Sergeant Major!"
Episode 050: "Usopp Vs. Daddy The Father! Showdown at High Noon!"
Episode 051: "A Burning Culinary Battle? Sanji Vs. The Gorgeous Chef!"
Episode 052: "Buggy's Revenge! The Man Who Smiles at the Execution Platform!"
Episode 053: "The Legend has Begun! Head to the Grand Line!"

Warship Island Arc
Episode 054: "Foreboding of a New Adventure! The Puzzling Girl, Apis!"
Episode 055: "The Holy Beast! Apis' Secret and the Legendary Island!"
Episode 056: "Erik's Raid! Great Escape from Gunkan Island!"
Episode 057: "Lone Island in a Distant Sea! The Legendary Lost Island!"
Episode 058: "Duel in the Ruins! Strained Zoro Vs. Erik!"
Episode 059: "Luffy, Completely Surrounded! Admiral Nelson's Secret Plan!"
Episode 060: "Those Who Soar in the Open Skies! Revival of the 1000 year Legend!"
Episode 061: "Angry Finale! Cross the Red Line!"

Laboon Arc
Episode 062: "The First Obstacle? Giant Whale Laboon Appears!"
Episode 063: "A Man's Promise, Luffy and the Whale Vow to Meet Again!"

Whiskey Peak Arc
Episode 064: "A Pirate-Loving Town? Arrival at Whiskey Peak!"
Episode 065: "Exploding Santouryu! Zoro Vs. Baroque Works!"
Episode 066: "A Series Fight! Luffy Vs. Zoro: The Unexpected Duel!"
Episode 067: "Deliver Princess Vivi! Luffy Pirates Depart!"

Coby and Helmeppo Side Story
Episode 068: "Try Hard, Coby! Diary of Coby-Meppo's Marine Struggles!"
Episode 069: "Coby-Meppo's Determination! Vice Admiral Garp's Fatherly Pride!"

Little Garden Arc
Episode 070: "Prehistoric Island! The Shadow Lurking in Little Garden!"
Episode 071: "Humongous Battle! The Giants Dorry and Brogy!"
Episode 072: "Luffy's Anger! A Dirty Trick in a Sacred Battle!"
Episode 073: "Brogy Wails in Victory! Elbaf's Judgement!"
Episode 074: "The Devil's Candle! Tears of Regret and Tears of Anger!"
Episode 075: "Luffy Attacked by Magic! Colors Trap!"
Episode 076: "Critical Counterattack! Usopp's Quick Wit and Kaenboshi!"
Episode 077: "Farewell to the Giants' Island! On to Alabasta!

Drum Island Arc
Episode 078: "Nami is Sick? Beyond the Snow that Falls on the Ocean!"
Episode 079: "Ambush! The Bliking and Wapol the Blik!"
Episode 080: "A Doctorless Island? Adventure in the Country Without a Name!"
Episode 081: "Ya Happy? The Doctor who is Called a Witch!"
Episode 082: "Dalton's Resolve! Wapol's Forces Land!"
Episode 083: "Island that Lives in Snow! Ascend the Drum Rockies!"
Episode 084: "The Blue-Nosed Reindeer! Chopper's Secret!"
Episode 085: "Dream of the Outcasts! The Quack Doctor Hiruluk!"
Episode 086: "Hiruluk's Cheery Blossoms and Inherited Will!"
Episode 087: "Vs. Wapol's Army Corps! The Abilities of the Baku Baku Fruit!"
Episode 088: "Devil's Fruit on the Zoan Family! Chopper's Seven-Level Transformation!"
Episode 089: "When the Kingdom's Rule is Over! The Flag of Conviction Lasts Forever!"
Episode 090: "Hiruluk's Cherry Blossoms! Miracle of the Drum Rockies!"
Episode 091: "Farewell, Drum Island! I'm Going Out to Sea!"

Alabasta Arc
Episode 092: "The Hero of Alabasta and the Ballerina on Deck!"
Episode 093: "Coming to the Desert Kingdom! The Rain-Calling Powder and the Rebel Army!"
Episode 094: "Reunion of the Powerful! His Name is Fire Fist Ace!"
Episode 095: "Ace and Luffy! Warm Memories and Brotherly Bonds!"
Episode 096: "The Green City, Erumalu and the Kung Fu Dugongs!"
Episode 097: "Adventure in the Country of Sand! The Demons that Live in the Scorching Earth!"
Episode 098: "Here Come the Desert Pirates! The Men who Live Free!"
Episode 099: "Spirit of the Fakes! Heart of the Rebel Army, Kamyu!"
Episode 100: "Rebel Warrior Kohza! The Dream Sworn to Vivi!"
Episode 101: "Heat Haze Duel! Ace Vs. Scorpion Man!"
Episode 102: "Ruins and Lost Ones! Vivi, Comrades, and the Shape of a Country!"
Episode 103: "At Spiders Cafe - The Enemy Ringleaders Meet at 8 o'clock!"
Episode 104: "Luffy Vs. Vivi! A Tearful Vow for Comrades!"
Episode 105: "The Alabasta War Front! City of Dreams, Rainbase!"
Episode 106: "Trap in a Desperate Situation! Breaking Into Rain Dinners!"
Episode 107: "Operation Utopia Commences! The Wave of Rebellion Begins to Move!"
Episode 108: "The Fearsome Bananawani and Mr. Prince!"
Episode 109: "The Key to Turning the Tide and a Great Escape! Doru Doru Ball!"
Episode 110: "Merciless Fight to the Death! Luffy Vs. Crocodile!"
Episode 111: "The Miracle Sprint! Alabasta the Animal Land!"
Episode 112: "Rebel Army Vs. Royal Army! The Battle will be in Alubarna!"
Episode 113: "Alubarna is Crying! Fierce Fight of Captain Carue!"
Episode 114: "Swear on Your Comrade's Dream! Battle at Molehill 4th Avenue!"
Episode 115: "Today's Grand Performance! Mane Mane Montage!"
Episode 116: "Transforming Into Nami! Bon Clay's Hard-Hitting Ballet Kenpo!"
Episode 117: "Nami's Whirlwind Warning! Clima Tact Explosion!"
Episdoe 118: "Secret of the Royal Family! The Ancient Weapon, Pluton!"
Episode 119: "Essence of a Mighty Sword! The Power to Cut Steel and the Breath of All Things!"
Episode 120: "The Battle is Over! Kohza Flies the White Flag!"
Episode 121: "Vivi's Voice Goes Unheard! A Hero Descends!"
Episode 122: "Suna Crocodile and Mizu Luffy! Death Match: Round 2."
Episode 123: "Smells Like Croc! Run to the Tomb of the Royal Family Luffy!"
Episode 124: "The Nightmare Draws Near! Secret Base of the Sand Sand Clan!"
Episode 125: "Magnificent Wings! My Name is Pell, Guardian Spirit of the Kingdom!"
Episode 126: "I Will Surpass You! Rain Falls on Alabasta!"
Episode 127: "A Farewell to Arms! Pirates and a Little Justice!"
Episode 128: "The Pirates Banquet and Operation Escape Alabasta!"
Episode 129: "Everything Began that Day! Vivi Tells of her Advnetures!"
Episode 130: "Beware her Scent! The Seventh One is Nico Robin!"

Post-Alabasta Arc
Episode 131: "The First Patient! Anecdote of the Rumble Ball!"
Episode 132: "The Navigator's Mutiny! For an Unwavering Dream!"
Episode 133: "Inherited Recipe! Sanji the Curry Expert!"
Episode 134: "I'll Make it Bloom! Manl Usopp's Eight-Shaku Ball!"
Episode 135: "Infamous Pirate Hunter! T He Wandering Swordsman, Zoro!"

Goat Island Arc
Episode 136: "Zenny Lives on Goat Island and There's A Pirate Ship on His Mountain!"
Episode 137: "How's That for Profit? Money Lender Zenny's Ambition!"
Episode 138: "Where the Island's Treasure Lies! Zenny Pirates Full Charge!"

Rainbow Mist Arc
Episoe 139: "Legend of the Rainbow Mist! Ruluka Island and the Old Man Henzo!"
Episode 140: "Inhabits of Neverland! The Pumpkin Pirates!"
Episode 141: "A Longing for Home! The Inescapable Pirate Graveyard!"
Episode 142: "Frantic Struggle! Whetton's Plans and the Rainbow Tower!"
Episode 143: "And then the Legend Begins! To the End of the Rainbow!"

Jaya Arc
Episode 144: "The Log is Taken! Salvage King, Masira!"
Episode 145: "Monster Appear! Don't Touch the Whitebeard Pirates!"
Episode 146: "Stop Dreaming! THe City of Ridicule, Mock Town!"
Episode 147: "A Pirate's Height! The Man who Talks of Dreams and the King of Underwater Exploration!
Episode 148: "The Legendary Family! Liar Norland!"
Episode 149: "Hard Turn to the Clouds! Find the Southbird!"
Episode 150: "Dreams Don't Come True!? Bellamy Vs. The Saruyama Allinace!"
Episode 151: "The 100 Million Man! The World's Greatest Authority and the Pirate Blackbeard!"
Episdoe 152: "Sail Into The Sky! Ride the Knock-Up Stream!"

Skypiea Arc
Episode 153: "This is the Sea of the Sky! The Knight of the Sky and Heaven's Gate!"
Episode 154: "Godland Skypiea! The angels of the Cloud Beach!"
Episode 155: "Forbidden Sacred Ground! The Island Where God Resides and Heaven's Judgment!"
Episode 156: "Criminals Already!? Skypiea's Upholders of the Law!"
Episode 157: "Can we Escape!? God's Ordeals are Set in Motion!"
Episode 158: "Trap on Lovely Street! Almighty God Enel!"
Episode 159: "Go Forth, Little Crow! To the Sacrificial Altar!"
Episode 160: "Survival Rate: 10%! Priest Satori with the Power of Mantra!"
Episode 161: "Peril of the Ordeal of Balls! Fight to the Death in the Lost Forest!"
Episode 162: "Chopper's in Danger! Former God Vs. Shinto Priest Shura!"
Episode 163: "Ever Mysterious! Ordeal of String and Ordeal of Love!?"
Episode 164: "Light the Fire of Shandia! Wiper the Warrior!"
Episode 165: "Floating Land of Gold, Jaya! To God's Shrine!"
Episode 166: "Eve of Gold Festival! Affection of Vearth!"
Episode 167: "God Enel Appears! Aubade to the Survivors!"
Episode 168: "The Python Strikes! The Survival Game Beings!"
Episode 169: "The Life-Threatening Reject! War Demon Wiper's Resolve!"
Episode 170: "Fierce Sky Battle! Pirate Zoro Vs. Fighter Braham!"
Episode 171: "Howling Burn Bazooka!! Pirate Luffy Vs. Wiper the Berserker!"
Episode 172: " Ordeal of Swamp! Pirate Chopper Vs. Gedatsu!"
Episode 173: "The Invincible Ability! Enel's True Nature Revealed!"
Episode 174: "The Vanished City! The Magnificent Ruins of Shandora!"
Episode 175: "Chance of Survival: 0%!! Pirate Chopper Vs. Shinto Priest Ohm!"
Episode 176: "Climb Giant Jack! Showdown in the Uper Ruins!"
Episode 177: "Ultimate Test of the Ordeal of Iron! The White-Barbed Death Match!"
Episode 178: "Gushing Blade Attack! Pirate Zoro Vs. Shinto Priest Ohm!"
Episode 179: "The Upper Ruins Crumble! The Quintet Finale!"
Episode 180: "Battle in the Ruins! God Enel's Desire!"
Episode 181: "Ambitions of Fairy Vearth - The Ark, Maxim!"
Episode 182: "Finally Clashing! Pirate Luffy Vs. God Enel!"
Episode 183: "Maxim Rises! The Start of Deathpiea!"
Episode 184: "Luffy's Fall! God's Judement and Nami's Desire!"
Episode 185: "Two People Awaken! A Rescue in Front of Burning Love!"
Episode 186: "Capriccio to Destruction! The Impending Doom of Sky Island!"
Episode 187: "Guidance from the Sound of the Bell! The Great Warrior and Tales of an Explorer!"
Episode 188: "Free from the Spell! Tears Shed by a Great Warrior!"
Episode 189: "Eternal Friendship! The Bell of Oath that Echoes Throught the Giant Ocean!"
Episode 190: "Angel Island's Disappearance! The Fearsome RAigoh Descends!"
Episode 191: "Knock Down Giant Jack! THe Last Hope of Escaping!"
Episode 192: "The Miracle in God's Country! A Love Song Heard by Angels!"
Episode 193: "The End of the Fight! The Fantasia that Proudly Echoes Far Away!"
Episode 194: "I Have Come Here! THe Weaving of the Poneglyphs!"
Episode 195: "Now Heading Towards the Blue Sea! Memories of an Interwoven Finale!"

G8 Arc
Episode 196: "Emergency Announcement! An Infamous Pirate Ship has Invaded!"
Episode 197: "Sanji the Chef! Demonstrating True Pride at the Marine Mess Hall!"
Episode 198: "Zoro's Imprisonment and Chopper's Emerrgency Operation!"
Episode 199: "The Marine Search Party Draws Near! Another of the Crew is Captured!"
Episode 200: "Luffy and Sanji's Detirmination! The Great Escape Plan!"
Episode 201: "The Squadron of Burning Souls Attack! Battle on the Bridge!"
Episode 202: "Breaking Through Enemy Lines! The Rescue of the Going Merry!"
Episode 203: "The Pirate Ship Disappears! Stronghold Battle, Round 2!"
Episode 204: "Operation Gold Recoversy and Operation Waver Retrievel!"
Episode 205: "The Pirate Round-Up Plan! Jounathon's Secret Winning Strategy!"
Episode 206: "So Long, Marine Base! The Final Battle for Freedom!"

Davy Back Fight Arc
Episode 207: "Big Adventure in Long Ring Long Land!"
Episode 208: "The Foxy Pirate Crew and the Davy Back!"
Episode 209: "Round 1! One Lap of the Donut Race!"
Episode 210: "Foxy the Silver Fox! A Violent Interferene!"
Episode 211: "Round 2! Shoot into Groggy Ring!"
Episode 212: "Rapid-Fire Red Cards! Groggy Ring!"
Episode 213: "Round 3! Round and Round Roller Race!"
Episode 214: "Burning Roller Race! Dash into the Final Round!"
Episode 215: "The Screaming Speed Serve! Pirate Dodgeball!"
Episode 216: "Final Match on the Edge! Dharma has Fallen!"
Episode 217: "Captain Confrontation! The Last Fight: Combat!"
Episode 218: "Full Power Noro Noro Beam Vs. tHe Invulnerable Luffy!"
Episode 219: "Heroic Fierce Combat! The Fateful Last Battle!"

Ocean Dream Arc
Episode 220: "You Lost Your Memory? It was Taken Away? Who are you?"
Episode 221: "The Mysterious Boy with the Whistle and Robin's Guess!"
Episode 222: "Get Back the Memories! The Pirates Land!"
Episode 223: "Zoro Sharpens his Fangs! A Fight with a Wild Animal!"
Episode 224: "The Real Memory Theif's Final Counterattack!"
Episode 225: "The Man of Pride! Foxy the Silver Fox!"
Episode 226: "The Unbeatable Power Draws Near? A Very Dangerous Man!"

Water 7 Arc
Episode 227: "Marine High Admiral Aokiji! The Threat of the Greatest Power!"
Episode 228: "Ruber and Ice One-On-One Fight! Luffy Vs. Aokiji!"
Episode 229: "Running Sea Train! The City of Water, Water 7!"
Episode 230: "The Adventure int eh City of Water! Aim for the Giant Shipyard!"
Episode 231: "The Franky Family and Iceburg!"
Episode 232: "Galley-La Company! THe Magnificent Dock #1!"
Episode 233: "THe Pirate Kidnapping Incident and the Going Merry waits for Death!"
Episode 234: "Rescuing a Friend! THe Raid on the Franky House!"
Episode 235: "Big Fight in the Moonlight! THe Going Merry Cries in Sadness!"
Episode 236: "Luffy Vs. Usopp! The Spirit of Clashing Men!"
Episode 237: "The City of Water is Shaking! Iceburg was Targeted!"
Episode 238: "Rubberman Vs. Fire-Breathing Cyborg!"
Episode 239: "The Criminals are the Straw Hat Pirates? The Bodyguards of Water 7!"
Episode 240: "An Eternal Parting? Nico Robin, the Woman Who Bears Darkness!"
Episode 241: "Catch Robin! The Determination of the Straw Hat Pirates!"
Episode 242: "The Signal is the Explosion! CP9 Starts to Move!"
Episode 243: "CP9 Unmasked! THeir Shocking True Faces!"
Episode 244: "The Secret Bond! Frankyk and Iceburg!"
Episode 245: "Come Back, Robin! The Confrontation with CP9!"
Episode 246: "Destruction of the Straw Hat Pirates? The Terror of the Model Leopard!"
Episode 247: "The Man who is Loved by his Ship! Usopp's Tears!"
Episode 248: "Franky's Past! THe Day the Sea Train Ran!"
Episode 249: "Spandam's Conspiracy! The Day the Sea Train Tremored!"
Episode 250: "The Last Moments of the Legendary Man! The Day the Sea Train Cried!"
Episode 251: "Te Truth Behind Robin's Betrayal! Robin's Sorrowful Decision!"
Episode 252: "The Steam Whistle Seperates the Group! The Sea Train Begins to Run!"
Episode 253: "Sanji Breaks In! The Sea Train Battle in the Storm!"
Episode 254: "The Shout of Nami's Soul! The Revival of Straw Hat Luffy!"
Episode 255: "Another Sea Train! The Rcoketman Sortie!"
Episode 256: "Rescue Our Friends! The Oath that Links the Enemies!"
Episode 257: "Smash the Wave! Luffy and Zoro's Strongest Combo!"
Episode 258: "A Mysterious Man Appears!? His Name is Sogeking!"
Episode 259: "Cook Confrontation! Sanji Vs. Ramen Kenpo!"
Episode 260: "Duel on the Roof! Franky Vs. Nero!"
Episode 261: "Crash! Demon-Cutting Zoro Vs. Ship-Cutting T-Bone!"
Episode 262: "Robin Struggles! Sogeking's Clever Scheme!!"
Episode 263: "The Judiciary Island! The Whole Picture of Ennies Lobby!"

Ennies Lobby Arc
Episode 264: "Operation Disembarkation Commences! The Straw Hat Crew Rushes In!"
Episode 265: "Luffy Charges In! Great Decisive Battle on Judiciary Island!"
Episode 266: "Battle With the Giants! Open the Second Door!"
Episode 267: "The Means of Escaping is Opened! Fly Throught the Sky, Rocketman!"
Episode 268: "Catch Up with Luffy! The Straw Hat Pirates' All-Out-War!"
Episode 269: "Robin was Betrayed! The Expectations of the World Government!"
Episode 270: "Give Robin Back! Luffy Vs. Blueno!"
Episode 271: "Don't Stop! Raise the Signal Fire of a Counterattack!"
Episode 272: "Luffy is in Sight! Gather at the Courthouse Plaza!"
Episode 273: "All for the Sake of Protecting My Friends! Gear Second in Motion!"
Episode 274: "Answer Us Robin! The Outcries of the Straw Hat Crew!"
Episode 275: "Robin's Past! The Girl Who was Called a Demon!"
Episode 276: "The Fated Parent and Child! The Mother's Name is Olivia!"
Episode 277: "Tragedy of Ohara! Fear of Buster Call!"
Episode 278: "Say You Want To Live! We Are Comrades!"
Episode 279: "Jump Into the Falls! Luffy's Feelings!
Episode 280: "A Man's Way of Life! Zoro's Techniques, Usopp's Dream!"
Episode 281: "Tears Which Weaved the Bond of Comrades! Nami's World Map!"
Episode 282: "Seperation Refines a Man! Sanji and Chopper!"
Episode 283: "All for My Comrades' Sake! The Darkness Within Robin!"
Episode 284: "The Blueprints Aren't Passed! Franky's Decision!"
Episode 285: "Retrieve The 5 Keys! The Straw Hat Crews Vs. CP9!"
Episode 286: "Power of the Devil Fruit! Kaku and Jyabura Transform!"
Episode 287: "Even if I die, I won't Kick you! Sanji's Manly Chivalry!"
Episode 288: "Fukurou's Miscalculation - My Cola is the Water of Life!"
Episode 289: "Zoro's New Technique Explodes! The Katanan's Name is Sogeking?"
Episode 290: "Uncontrollable! Chopper's Forbidden Rumble!"
Episode 291: "Boss Luffy Returns! A Dream or Reality Lottery Trouble?"
Episode 292: "The Great Mochimaki Race to the Castle! Conspiracy of the Red Nose"
Episode 293: "Bubble User Kalifa! Nami Draws Near to the Soap's Trap"
Episode 294: "The Resounding Bad News! The Buster Call is Invoked"
Episode 295: "5 Namis? Counterattack with the Mirage!"
Episode 296: "Nami's Determination! Shoot the Rampaging Chopper!"
Episode 297: "Hunter Sanji Appears? Elegy to the Lying Wolf"
Episode 298: "Red Hot Kick! Full Course of Sanji's Footwork"
Episode 299: "The Drawn Sword's Fierce Attack! Zoro vs. Kaku Powerful Slash Showdown"
Episode 300: "Zoro the Fierce God! The Incarnation of Asura Revealed by His Soul"
Episode 301: "Spandam's Shock! A Hero Stands on the Tower of Justice"
Episode 302: "Robin's Liberation! Luffy vs. Lucci: Peak of the Decisive Battle"
Episode 303: "The Criminal is Boss Luffy? Chase the Vanished Great Sakura Tree"
Episode 304: "If I Can't Win, I Can't Protect Anyone! Gear Third Activates"
Episode 305: "The Terrifying Past! Dark Justice and Rob Lucci"
Episode 306: "A Phantom Mermaid is Here? Within Fading Consciousness"
Episode 307: "The Island Sinking in Gunfire! Franky's Outcry of Regret"
Episode 308: "Wait for Luffy! Fight to the Death on the Bridge of Hesitation!""
Episode 309: "Feelings Put Into Fists! Luffy's Full-Power Gatling"
Episode 310: "A Friend Approaches from the Sea! The Straw Hat Crew's Strongest Bonds"
Episode 311: "The Crew's Great Escape! The Victor's Path is for the Pirates"
Episode 312: "Thank You Merry! The Sea of Separation in the Snow"
Episode 313: "The Disturbance of Peace! The Vice-Admiral with the Fist of Love"
Episode 314: "The Strongest Family Line? Luffy's Father Revealed!"
Episode 315: "Its Name is The New World! The Whereabouts of the Great Grand Line!"
Episode 316: "Shanks Moves! Ceremony to the Rampaging Age"
Episode 317: "The Girl Searching for the Yagara! Great Investigation in the Water Metropolis"
Episode 318: "The Mother is Strong! Zoro's Slapstick Housework Help"
Episode 319: "Sanji Crashes! The Mysterious Old Man and Intense Cooking"
Episode 320: "Everyone's Finally Wanted! The Crew of Over Six Hundred Million!"
Episode 321: "The King of Beasts that will Cross the Ocean! The Dream Ship's Magnificent Completion"
Episode 322: "Goodbye my Lovable Followers! Franky Departs"
Episode 323: "Departing the Water Metropolis! Distinction of the Manly Usopp's Duel"
Episode 324: "The World-Wide Bounties! The Hometowns Dance as the Ship Sails Forward!"
Episode 325: "The Most Evil Ability! Blackbeard's Darkness Attacks Ace" 

Post Enies Lobby Arc
Episode 326: "Mysterious Party of Pirates! The Sunny and a Dangerous Trap"
Episode 327: "Sunny in a Pinch! Roar, Secret Superspeed Mecha" 
Episode 328: "The Dream Sinking in the New World! The Pirate of Despair, Puzzle" 
Episode 329: "The Assassins Attack! The Great Battle Above the Ice Begins"
Episode 330: "The Hard Fights of the Straw Hat Crew! The Pirate Soul Banking it All on the Flag!"
Episode 331: "Hot Full Throttle! The Twins' Magnetic Power Draws Near"
Episode 332: "The Great Chaos Mansion! The Angry Don and the Imprisoned Crew"
Episode 333: "The Phoenix Returns! The Dream of the Pirate Flag Sworn to a Friend"
Episode 334: "The Red Hot Decisive Battle! Luffy vs. the Scorching Don"
Episode 335: "Waiting in the New World! Farewell to the Courageous Pirates"

Thriller Bark Arc
Episode 336: "Chopperman Departs! Protect the TV Station by the Shore" 
Episode 337: "Venture Into the Devil's Sea! The Mysterious Skeleton Floating Through the Fog"
Episode 338: "The Delight of Having Met People! The Gentleman Skeleton's True Colors"
Episode 339: "One Phenomenon After Another! Disembarking at Thriller Bark"
Episode 340: "The Man Called a Genius! Hogback Appears!"
Episode 341: "Nami in Big Trouble! The Zombie Mansion and the Invisible Man"
Episode 342: "Mystery of the Zombies! Hogback's Nightmarish Research Laboratory"
Episode 343: "His Name is Moria! Trap of the Great Shadow-Stealing Pirate"
Episode 344: "Feast of the Zombie Song! The Bell of the Night Raid is a Sound of Darkness"
Episode 345: "Filled with Animals!? Perona's Wonder Garden"
Episode 346: "Disappearing Strawhat Crew! The Mysterious Swordsman Appears!"
Episode 347: "Leftover Chivalry! The Traitorous Zombie who Protects Nami"
Episode 348: "Coming from the Sky! That Man is the "Humming" Swordsman!"
Episode 349: "Luffy in an Emergency! The Living Place of the Strongest Shadow!"
Episode 350: "The Warrior Called a Demon!! The Time of Oz's Resurrection"
Episode 351: "Awakening After 500 Years!! Oz Revives!!"
Episode 352: "Conviction Strong Enough to Beg for One's Life!! Brook Protects his Afro"
Episode 353: "A Man's Oath Never Dies!! To the Friend who Waits Under a Far-Away Sky"
Episode 354: "We will Definitely Meet Again!! Brook and the Cape of the Promise"
Episode 355: "Food, Nami and Shadows!! Luffy's Angry Counterattack"
Episode 356: "Usopp the Strongest? Leave the Negatives to Me"
Episode 357: "Sudden Death of the General Zombies!! Oz in an Adventurous Mood"
Episode 358: "Sanji, the Knight of Flames!! Kick Down the False Ceremony"
Episode 359: "Invisibility Connection? Sanji's Stolen Dream"
Episode 360: "Saving Hero!! The Enemy is the Invincible Princess"
Episode 361: "Perona's Terror!! The U in Uso is the U in Usopp"
Episode 662: "Slashes Dancing on the Roof!! Finale - Zoro vs. Ryuma"
Episode 363: "Chopper's Rage!! Hogback's Demonic Medical Practice"
Episode 364: "Oars Roars!! Come Out,Straw Hat Crew"
Episode 365: "The Enemy is Luffy!! The Strongest Zombie vs. the Straw Hat Crew"
Episode 366: "Defeat Absalom!! Nami's Lightning Attack of Friendship!!"
Episode 367: "One Down!! Sure Kill Straw Hat Docking?"
Episode 368: "Soundless Invasion!! The Mysterious Visitor: Kuma the Tyrant"
Episode 369: "Oz + Moria - The Greatest Combination of Brains and Brawn"
Episode 370: "A Secret Strategy to Turn the Tables - Nightmare Luffy Appears"
Episode 371: "The Straw Hat Crew Annihilated - Full-Throttle Shadow Shadow Abilities"
Episode 372: "The Battle for Superiority Starts! Luffy vs. Luffy"
Episode 373: "The Conclusion Arrives! Deliver the Finishing Blow"
Episode 374: "The Bodies Vanish! The Morning Sun Pierces Through the Nightmare Island!"
Episode 375: "The Endless Crisis! Orders to Obliterate the Straw Hat Crew"
Episode 376: "Kuma's Paw-pad Paw-pad Abilities That Deflect Everything"
Episode 377: "My Companions' Pain is My Pain - Zoro Prepares to Die"
Episode 378: "Promise on a Day Long Ago - The Pirate's Song and a Tiny Whale"
Episode 379: "Brook's Past - Sad Farewell to the Cheerful Crew"
Episode 380: "Binks's Booze - The Song that Connects the Past and Present"
Episode 381: "A New Crewmate! Musician - The Hummer Brook"
Episode 382: "Slow Slow Menace - Return of Foxy the Silver Fox"
Episode 383: "The Great Treasure Contest! Collapse! The Spa Island"
Episode 384: "Brook's Hard Struggle - The Difficult Path to Becoming a True Crewmate?"

The Sabaody Archipelago Arc
Episode 385: "Arriving at Halfway Through the Grand Line! The Red Line"
Episode 386: "Hatred of the Straw Hat Crew - Enter Iron Mask Duval"
Episode 387: "The Fated Reunion! Save the Imprisoned Fish-man"
Episode 388: "Tragedy! The Truth of the Unmasked Duval"
Episode 389: "Explosion! The Sunny's Super Secret Weapon: Gaon Cannon"
Episode 390: "Landing to Get to Fish-man Island - The Sabaody Archipelago"
Episode 391: "Tyranny! The Rulers of Sabaody, the Celestial Dragons"
Episode 392: "New Rivals Gather! The 11 Supernovas"
Episode 393: "The Target is Camie! The Looming Clutches of a Professional Kidnapper"
Episode 394: "Rescue Camie! The Archipelago’s Lingering Dark History"
Episode 395: "Time Limit – The Human Auction Begins"
Episode 396: "The Fist Explodes! Destroy the Auction"
Episode 397: "Major Panic! Desperate Struggle at the Auction House"
Episode 398: "Admiral Kizaru Takes Action! Sabaody Archipelago Thrown into Chaos"
Episode 399: "Break Through the Siege! The Navy vs. the Three Captains"
Episode 400: "Roger and Rayleigh – the King of the Pirates and His Right Hand Man"
Episode 401: "No Escape!? Admiral Kizaru’s Light Speed Kick!!"
Episode 402: "Overwhelming! The Navy’s Fighting Weapons, the Pacifistas"
Episode 403: "An Even Stronger Enemy Appears! The Battle Axe-Carrying Sentomaru"
Episode 404: "Admiral Kirazu's Fierce Assault! The Straw Hats Face Certain Death!"
Episode 405: "Eliminated Friends - The Final Day of the Straw Hat Crew"
Episode 406: "Feudal Era Side Story - Boss Luffy Appears Again"
Episode 407: "Feudal Era Side Story - Defeat Thriller Company's Trap"

Amazon Lily Arc
Episode 408: "Landing! The All-Female Island, Amazon Lily"
Episode 409: "Hurry Back to Your Friends! The Maiden Island Adventure"
Episode 410: "Everyone Falls in Love! Pirate Empress Hancock"
Episode 411: "The Secret Hidden on the Backs - Luffy and the Snake Princess Meet"
Episode 412: "Heartless Judgment! Margaret is Turned to Stone!!"
Episode 413: "A Difficult Fight for Luffy! The Snake Sisters' Haki Power!!"
Episode 414: "All-Out Special Power Battle!! Gum-Gum vs. Snake-Snake"
Episode 415: "Hancock's Confession - The Sisters' Abhorrent Past"
Episode 416: "Saving Ace! The Next Stop: the Great Prison!" 
Episode 417: "Love is a Hurricane! Love-Love Hancock!" 

Strawhat Whereabouts Arc
Episode 418: "The Friends' Whereabouts - The Science of Weather and the Mechanical Island"
Episode 419: "The Friends' Whereabouts! An Island of Giant Birds and a Pink Paradise!"
Episode 420: "The Friends' Whereabouts - Bridging the Islands and Vicious Vegetations!"
Episode 421: "The Friends' Whereabouts! A Princess Negativity and the King of Demons!"

Impel Down Arc
Episode 422: "A Deadly Infiltration! The Underwater Prison Impel Down!"
Episode 423: "A Reunion in Hell?! The Man Who Ate the Chop-Chop Fruit!"
Episode 424: "Break Through the Crimson Hell! Buggy's Chaos-Inducing Plan!"
Episode 425: "The Strongest Man in the Prison! Poison Man Magellan Appears!"
Episode 426: "Movie-connected Special: The 'Gold Lion's' Ambition Moves Forward"
Episode 427: "Movie-connected Special: 'Little East Blue' is Targeted"
Episode 428: "Movie-connected Special: The Amigo Pirate Crew's Vicious Assault"